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Fish Days

Fish Days

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2/1 through 4/27/17

Don't miss out on Fish Days! The last day to order is Thursday, April 27th and pick-up will be Saturday, April 29th from 11 AM to 12 PM.

Channel Catfish

      Stocking rate:  100 – 500 per acre if they are not fed a commercial diet; up to 1000 per acre if fed.  Not more than 1000 per acre unless you have a good aeration system.


Golden Shiner

        Stocking Rate:  Add 5 Lbs of Golden Shiners per acre along with fathead minnows for extra forage.  Great for ponds with big bass.



      Stocking rate: 500 – 1000 per acre

      Fast-reproducing, excellent forage for mature fish.


Hybrid Bluegill

       Stocking rate:  200 – 500 per acre

A fast growing sport fish which also provides forage. 


Redear Shellcracker

      Stocking rate:  100  per acre

      Helps control snails that contribute to parasites. 


Largemouth Bass

      Stocking rate: 100 per acre

      Trained bass grow well in ponds with hybrid sunfish if the fish are fed.


Fathead Minnows

      Stocking rate:  10  lbs. per acre  (approx. 250 per LB)

      Minnows reproduce and act as additional food for other fish. 


Black Crappie

      Stocking rate:  100 per acre

      Recommended for lakes of 20 acres or more.  They tend to overpopulate in smaller ponds.


Diploid  Grass Carp

      Stocking rate:  10 per acre

For Excessive Weed problems may require more fish per acre.



      Colorful ornamental fish for backyard garden ponds.  Colors and patterns may vary.  Limited supply, no culling.


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