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Molyplex 500+ Premium Lithium Complex Multipurpose High-Temperature Grease with Moly is an effective dry-film lubricating substance that protects against extreme pressure and shock loading.

Blue Gard® 500+™ Premium Lithium Complex Multipurpose High-Temperature Grease is flexible enough to fit most applications, yet tough enough to take on challenging conditions and prevent rust, oxidation and wear.

Maxtron® EP Synthetic Blend Lithium Complex Grease with Moly reduces friction between metal parts to provide the highest performance in severe-load and shock-loading applications.

MP Gear Lube provides excellent extreme-pressure properties; wear resistance; oxidation stability; and protection from rust, corrosion and foaming.

Indol® Ultra Clean* Premium Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils help minimize wear in high-speed, high-pressure vane and gear pumps.

Indol® Premium Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil helps minimize wear in high-speed, high-pressure vane and gear pumps.

Qwiklift® HTB® Tractor Hydraulic, Transmission and Wet Brake Fluid is a universal tractor hydraulic fluid designed for agriculture and some construction equipment. Qwiklift HTB is formulated with high-viscosity-index, Group II base oils to provide unparalleled wear protection for heavily loaded gears, clutches and hydraulic pumps. It also has optimal friction properties for smooth brake and clutch operation.

Maxtron® THF + Synthetic Blend Tractor Hydraulic Fluid is formulated for the transmissions, differentials, wet brakes, power steering and hydraulic systems of tractors using a centralized lubricating system. 

Superlube 518® Diesel Engine Oil reduces sludge, varnish, engine wear, acid accumulation, TBN loss and oil consumption.

SUPERLUBE TMS® Diesel Engine Oil protects DPF emission systems by minimizing ash buildup.

Maxtron® DEO Synthetic Blend Diesel Engine Oil with Wear Saver Technology® is engineered to protect all modern engines with exhaust emission control systems. This unique formulation was also designed to provide additional protection for older, heavy-duty engines operating on low-sulfur or ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel.