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Imperial Whitetail Pure Attraction

  • Manufacturer: Whitetail Institute of North America

The Whitetail Institute developed Imperial Whitetail Pure Attraction in response to customer requests. It’s a fall and winter forage blend that provides rapid growth, abundant nutritious forage and is extremely attractive to deer in both the early and late hunting seasons.

The backbone of Pure Attraction’s early-season attraction and nutrition are Whitetail Oats and winter peas. These early-season plants establish and grow very quickly and are exceptionally attractive to deer. Late-season WINA Brand forage brassicas have proven to be an overwhelming success with deer hunters across the country, even in the southern United States where winters are comparatively mild. Whitetail Institute forage brassicas are included in Pure Attraction to provide abundant forage during the coldest months of the winter. For a product that will establish quickly and give the one-two punch of both early and late-season deer attraction, give Pure Attraction a try. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and hard the deer will hit it. Pure Attraction is designed to be planted in late summer or fall.

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