Woodstream Perky-Pet® Original Instant Nectar

Woodstream Perky-Pet® Original Instant Nectar



Hummingbirds flap their wings an average of 70 times each second. Because of their high-energy lifestyle, hummingbirds need to eat constantly. Perky-Pet® Original Instant Hummingbird Nectar is just what you need to keep all your hungry hummers happy and well fed. It’s convenient for you and tasty for your hummingbirds. Plus, the 2-lb bag makes up to 192 ounces of hummingbird nectar, so you’ll be in good supply through many visits.

  • Simply mix powder with water – no boiling required!
  • Made of 100% sucrose – an essential energy source for hummingbirds
  • Vibrant red color attracts hummingbirds to your feeder
  • Powder concentrate makes up to 192 oz of hummingbird nectar
  • Comes in a 2 lb bag
  • Includes 1 Pack

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